Nachtmystium – Worldfall (Candlelight/MIM)

Imagine if Satan and Syd Barrett shared a tab of LSD, broke out the black light posters, strapped on the axe, warmed up the moog and jammed. Can't imagine that? Well Nachtmystium can.

This is a five-track EP from these mainstays of the American black metal scene, two tracks being covers – Death In June’s Roseclouds Of Holocaust and Goatsnake’s IV

By their own admission, Nachtmystium aren’t your regular black metal band, and they’re attempting to stretch the boundaries of the genre by incorporating the psychedelic sounds of bands such as Pink Floyd into their music to create something new and fresh.  On first listen, though, I thought they were pulling my leg because this still sounds like black metal, albeit with a little more skill and a little better production than a lot of the European scene, particularly on the first three songs: title track Worldfall, Depravity and Solitary Voyage

But on going back and giving the EP a few more spins I could see what they were trying to do.  There is a lot more going on behind the ‘gargling Godzilla’s hot vomit’ vocals and the frenetic cheesy drumming (which, let’s face it, you gotta have or it just isn’t right) – the keyboards and guitars add layers of sound and texture that hover around the edges filling gaps and taking the music off into different directions. And it works. It’s not quite psychedelia but it is heading somewhere out there.

The Death In June cover, however, sucks. It just doesn’t work at all, coming across like some sort of dumb bad metal cabaret song. But, their version of IV makes up for it all.  This is the best slab of Tony Iommi riffing, doom laden power I’ve heard since Iron Man’s Alfred Morris II strapped on an axe.  If you haven’t heard Nachtmystium before, this is a damn fine taster.

Nachtmystium's Worldfall is out now on Candlelight/Modern Invasion.