Fleshwrought - Dementia/Dyslexia (Metal Blade/Riot)

Fleshwrought is the brainchild of the exceptionally talented Navene Kopperweis, who plays each instrument on Demetia/Dyslexia, with vocals supplied by Job For a Cowboy frontman Jonny Davy. There is no doubting that Kopperweis is a phenomenal musician and with vocals from one of metals most 'current' frontmen. This album was destined for greatness.

But by god it falls short.

Opening number Mental Illness kicks off in with a series of intense blasts and some of the most unhuman double kick work I've ever heard, and Davy joins the party in a typically blunt, death belchy way. The guitars, however, are all over the shop and range from bland-as-a-mayonaise-sandwich strumming to ridiculously contrived and unnecessarily excessive fretwork. 

Dementia/Dyslexia is full of baffling compositions which do, on occasion work reasonably well. Once you've gotten over the fact that the guitar often sounds like a cat stuck in a vocoder, it's pretty meaty metal. The main issue is that it's trying so hard to be oblique and experimental that it just sounds, well, a bit rubbish.

Inner Thoughts has some kind of electric saxophone moment and sounds like Kenny G getting gang-banged by Brain Drill but is quickly followed by Programming the Herds, which is a formidable track for anyone enthused by extreme metal drumming. It's obvious that Kopperweis gained musical notability during his time as a drummer in Animosity as the drums are clearly the focus of the whole album. I never thought I'd say this but it's just too much; blast, roll, blast, roll - we get it mate. Now, how's about a pattern or two?

I'm sure there will be metalheads reading this and smashing bottles on their foreheads in anger but this is a genuinely uninspiring album. I get it; it's called Dementia/Dyslexia; it's a pschyohallucinomentophysical journey into the depraved workings of the subconcious human inner sanctum. It's fucking horrible to listen to though. Take Weeping Hallucinations, for example. It's a Twilight Zone-style twinkly twinkly wind chime noise that quite frankly drove me mental.

There are shades of Trigger The Bloodshed in songs such as Conceptual Flesh and Self-Destructive Loathing but Davy's vocals never reach the same level of contemporary death brutality. 

By the time the awful Dyslexic Interlude is over, it's difficult to see how this album can pull it back for the final few numbers but alas! Reprieve! Relevant Intoxication is a true, grunting death metal belter. Then the bloody cat gets back in that vocoder and ruins closing song Final Nausea.

Dementia/Dyslexia is a formidably heavy album; guitars, vocals, drums, they're all executed by more than competent musicians, and I am sure heavilly tattooed men will sit in dark basements punching each other in the face whilst listening to this album. But unfortunately the terrible samples and hugely erratic compositions make listening to it little more than annoying.

Dementia/Dyslexia is out now on Metal Blade/Riot.