Eternal Gray - Your Gods My Enemies (Season of Mist)

Your Gods My Enemies is raw aggression. The music goes beyond moshing into the territory of just seething ballistics.
Release Date: 
14 Oct 2011 (All day)

Your Gods My Enemies by israeli band Eternal Gray is a text book case of how to do a death metal album. Dory Gray and Auria Sapir's guitar playing flies with machine gun like intensity. Oren Balbus's vocals are low and growly. It's your stock cookie monster growl found in a lot of metal music today. Most of the tracks are nothing more than a wall of sound. There seems to be so much going on, you can't make anything out. The album is intense and manic. The band is very tight but very mechanized. There is no breathing room to Your Gods My Enemies

Don't think about this album, just put it on and destroy stuff. The album opener, Lost Control,  is a mosh fest. The song invites mindless thrashing about. Desolate the Weak is a hard driving metal epic. Gray and Sapir's guitar playing shines on this song. Unlabeled and Blind Messiah sound so much alike, they could be the same song. Both songs are sludgy in a manic sort of way. 

Inner Anger and Never Waits are the stand out tracks on Your Gods My Enemies. Inner Anger boasts a groove. it's more of a black light industrial techno song wrapped in death metal. Never Waits is intense but have readily identifiable harmonies. The guitar solo is wicked cool. it's still a complex composition, but it's far more accessible to the casual listener of death metal. 

If mind numbing death metal is your thing, then Your Gods My Enemies is an album for you. The production values are high. The songs are intense. The music is fast paced.