Goreaphobia - Apocalyptic Necromancy (Dark Descent)

Goreaphobia present a compelling case for the statement 'music really was better in the eighties'.
Release Date: 
4 Aug 2011 - 11:30pm

Quite simply brilliant. I could end this review now really and nobody would be any the less well off, knowledge wise; but what, really, is there to say about an album that is, quite simply, brilliant? Goreaphobia have been battering away for the cause since the late eighties, and, on Apocalyptic Necromancy, they screw every last drop of that experience and the skill derived from diligent application of technique into an album that could quite easily have come from that very era. An exhilarating mélange of what then passed for death, with a hefty handful of Frostily demonical nastiness, and some straight-up classic thrash, AN is the ultimate in retro throwback.

Of course that means that this album will get a fair amount of kudos in these nostalgia-fixated days, but it’s of little use to anyone if the album in question isn’t any good, and thankfully there’s never any chance of such a dodgy soubriquet falling into Goreaphobia’s lap. Swathed in a ‘back in the day’ production that brings to mind pre-Chaos Sepultura or primetime Death, this album is an utterly splendid way to spend an hour or so of your life if you are a fan of death metal as it used to be played. In fact you won’t want to stop after an hour, as this album is going to be in your delivery method of choice for some time to come in the near future should you choose to invest in it – which you should. Top notch stuff.