Netherbird - Shadows and Snow (Scarecrow Recordings)

From the shadows and snow of Sweden.

On first hearing Netherbird's latest EP, Shadows and Snow, the most evident thing that comes to mind, is that the band tends to draw inspiration from both Cradle of Filth and the early Gothenburg death metal scene. It might then not come as such a surprise to find that not only do the band orginate from the dark colds of Sweden, but ex-Cradle of Filth and At The Gates drummer, Adrian Erlandsson, has also previously played with the band.  But besides Erlandsson, Netherbird seem to have a large entourage of 'session' friends, including members of Lord Belial, Dissection and The Crown. Of course, though being a relatively young band, several members also have a good pedigree, including bassist and vocalist, Tobias Gustafsson, who used to once play in Eucharist - anyone remember them?

As has already been stated, Netherbird play the more symphonic brand of black metal, along with a dash of melodic death metal. Though much of the material may not be entirely original, and perhaps plays too much towards the above mentioned Cralde of Filth - just listen to the mid secction of the EP's first self-titled song, - but the musicianship on Shadows and Snow is adroit and of the finest quality.  With such craftmanship, along with the calibre of musicians involved, it is a little surprising that the band are not as well known, though having said that, Netherbird have released a couple of singles, so it may just be a case of them being bigger in their homeland, than in our own country. We are sure this will soon change though. Overall a very decent release and one that fans of Cradle Of Filth should easily lap up. It should be mentioned that the EP is actually availalbe as a free download from the bands website, so make sure you check it out, along with their other releases.