Uriah Heep - Live in Armenia (Frontiers/Riot)

Unpteenth live release from the Britrock veterans...
Release Date: 
22 Sep 2011 - 11:30pm

Whilst there is no doubt that Brit prog metallers Uriah Heep can still deliver the goods on the live front – they proved that here in Australia not so very long ago- it is debatable whether we need that proof in recorded form again (this is, by my calculation, the band’s fourteenth legitimate commercially available live elpee).

Consequently, … Live in Armenia is one for Heep completists only, and they’se gonna buy this whatever MaF says, but anyway, what the hey… for what it’s worth, this is a pretty entertaining Uriah Heep live document.

Vocalist Bernie Shaw is in fine form throughout whilst singing; his between song patter is less enticing, but when he’s doing the day job he gives a fine account of himself, ably backed up by some tight-trousered falsettos from bassist Trevor Boulder and guitarist Mick Box, and the band were actually in sparkling form on the night of this recording. Drummer Russell Gilbrook adds new life and verve to the old er material, whilst Keyboardist Phil Lanzon gives an inspired performance when he whips out his (Hammond) Organ, with Box soloing like a particularly fevered Dervish throughout. Song selection is largely faultless – it’s obviously hard to please everyone when you’ve been churning out top quality albums for over forty years, but Easy Livin’, Stealin’, July Morning and Lady in Black are all present and correct alongside newer but no less exciting numbers like Tears of the World.

Like I said, its hard to see anyone save a select few getting excited about the prospect of a new Uriah Heep live album, but, for what it is, this is a fine release that won’t disappoint if you take a punt on it.