Whitechapel - Recorrupted (Metal Blade)

Deathcore's poster boys return...but is there much point?
Release Date: 
8 Nov 2011 - 10:30am

It's a hot summer day and you're at work. Things are stressful, there are endless meetings and confrontation with the accounts department, and you've got three hours of the day left. You start thinking about how great an ice cold beer would be. The thought of this delicious cold beverage keeps entering your mind until later that day, you finally get home only to find the beer has been left out of the fridge. You open one anyway and it's okay; it tastes like beer but it's room temperature and nowhere near as satisfying as you'd have hoped.

See where I'm going?

Whitechapel have produced three brutal albums over the last four years. Like many, my entry point was This Is Exile which remains one of the heaviest things I've ever heard. Their most recent outing, A New Era of Corruption was another Deathcore 101 masterclass. Recorrupted is therefore a pretty exciting proposition as an EP, until you realise it features only one new song, a cover, two remixes, and *gulp* an acoustic version. It's hard not to feel a bit disappointed.

Opener Section 8 is the only new material and whilst it's undeniably Whitechapel, with Phil Bozeman's hellish vocals and the spine-wobbling downtuned guitars, it's not as exciting as their previous works. The cover of Pantera's Strength Beyond Strength will cause the purists to soil themselves but is a very worthy effort. However, I believe the technical term for the other three tracks is 'fucking dreadful'.

Dillinger Escape Plan's Ben Weinman has got his hands on This Is Exile and remixed it into some kind of ambient trance house dubstep travesty, and Big Chocolate (sorry, who?) has ballsed up Breeding Violence with yet more techo nonsense. Weinman and this Chocolate chap are also responsible for remixes on the forthcoming As I Lay Dying album, and both tracks are awful there too. I'm not sure what Metal Blade is doing but I hope they stop very soon.

The acoustic version of End of Flesh demonstrates that Ben Savage, Alex Wade, Zach Householder and Gabe Crisp are all talented guitariasts but ends up sounding like little more than a sinister mariachi band.

Why Section 8 wasn't released on it's own as a teaser single for a new album is beyond me. Unless you're an absolute ultra fan who must have everything Whitechapel has ever done in every possible format, I'd give Recorrupted a miss.

Recorrupted is out on November 8th on Metal Blade