Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Don't Hear It...Fear It (Metal Blade Records / Rise Above Records)

Everything about this release oozes wickedness. It's a trippy throw back to 70s era stoner rock. The great thing about this album is that it doesn't feel dated. It feels frakking sweet!
Release Date: 
28 Aug 2012 (All day)


When I am given a promo copy of a band entitled Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell with a photo of a man in a giant red chicken head on the cover, I tend to take notice. My first impression was, “Oh my God! Are you having a laugh?” But once Don’t Hear It…Fear It! started spinning I was hooked! Metal Blade Records have delivered the goods once again with The Shovell, as the release said they are so lovingly called.  Don’t Hear It… Fear It! arrives for your buying pleasure August 28, 2012. The Shovell are comprised of Louis Comfort-Wiggett on bass, Bill Darlington on drums, and Johnny Gorilla on guitar and vocals. The band has been gigging about since 2008.

What can you say about the album? The band is a throwback to some trippy 70s vibe. The guitars are distorted. The bass guitar is totally in your face. The tone is heavy. The drumming is bombastic. It's got this slow burn southern rock thing happening. Some of the songs are even bluesy with a rock overtone. The only thing missing is the crisp and crackle of needle on vinyl. 

One of the standout tracks is Devil’s Island. It’s a bass playing wet dream. It’s maudlin. It’s dark. It’s sludgy. Everything about it just oozes wickedness.  Another standout tracks is Red Admiral Black Sunrise. It starts out sludgy and doomy. It’s got some massive groove thang happening. Louis Comfort-Wiggett chunks along on bass and that just makes you sway in your seat. Johnny Gorilla is laying down some serious guitar riffage. The combination is electric! This is a song to make out to! It just oozes sex. At 3:30 there is a killer break that you start head banging to. Again with the guitar solo? Oh yesh! Classic guitar solo.

The Last Run is pretty damn good too! It’s fast. I mean like drag racing your muscle car fast. It’s Faster Pussycat Go Go Go fast. It’s 1966 Shelby Cobra fast. It’s Jaguar XKE fast. Get my drift? This song is juxtaposed by Killer Kane, which is the weakest song on the track. It’s the vocals. They sound forced and strained. The blistering guitar solo at 1:48 makes up for it but then Johnny starts singing again. Blerg. But it’s just this one track. The music on Killer Kane is groovalicious, but the vocals … meh.

Everything about Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell’s Don’t Hear It… Fear It! is hot! If you are driving in your car down the highway or sitting in traffic on the I95 or M25 this is the album you want spinning. If you are kicked back lounging by yourself or have a few mates over for a BBQ this is the album you want blasting. If you are knee deep in a first person shooter on your XBOX360… oh yesh, you want this album cranked!