Blodhemn – Holmengraa (Indie Recordings)

Miss old Satyricon, old Mayhem, old all? Blodhemn is the answer to your Scandinavian BM longing…
Release Date: 
18 May 2012 - 12:30pm

One can easily ask: What’s new about a black metal band from Norway? In these days of metallic symbiosis, everything! If there’s a new scene emerging in Scandinavia, Blodhemn definitely ignores it.

Founding their sound strictly in the roots of Norwegian/Swedish black metal, but with a non-raw production, the band reeks of old hat riffage, bringing to the forefront memories of the good ol’ Satyricon, Emperor, Mayhem, Marduk… all of these bands in their pre-1995 patterns.

But if it sounds like lack of creativity, it’s gummy as well. One doesn’t need more than a couple of spins to recognize and revel in the rifferama and compasses a la Dark Medieval Times, In The Nightside Eclipse, Opus Nocturne  and De Misteriis Dom Sathanas, and this is good, right?

Although naming a highlight would be a blasphemy, Thingvellir is one of that moments that brings tears to eyes, and makes one wonder what the heck happened to those wistful times when churches were actually burned and people were assassinated… those were the days!

Maanelyst sounds exactly like Transylvanian Hunger (if Darkthrone ever had a good production) and it’s the most ambrosial moment of the CD. It’s recognizable from the get go, and it makes up your mind as to if Blodhemn is any good or not. It definitely is!

Telehiv is more melancholic and it has a melancholic and snail-paced start. Although the velocity is regained during the course of the song, the sadness stays all the way.

To close the album, a perfect cover of Dissection, Black Horizons! Just tell me, what’s a better way to end a CD? The drumming directly pounds into the heart and it makes me grim and kvlt everytime I hear it. 

If you don’t give two fucks about originality this is doubtlessly the soundtrack for the coming winter!