Def Con One - Warface (Scarlet Records)

A Vulgar display of metal...
Release Date: 
18 Jun 2012 - 11:30pm

A few weeks ago, MaF big cheese Scott Adams was waxing enthusiastically about new metal ‘supergroup’ Kill Devil Hill, a band who mixed Pantera with Black Sabbath to pleasing effect but lacked something in the vocal X factor department; What a coincidence then that my ears have stumbled on Def Con One, a similarly groove-based metal outfit that, in vocalist Davey Meikle, may have just what our esteemed editor was looking for…

Put together by former Venom/M-Pire of Evil skin pounder Antton Lant, DC1 are a far heavier prospect then Kill Devil Hill, but the Pantera template is shared by both bands. There’s an unremitting violence to the sound of this band that brings to mind last tear’s thrash metal surprises Danmaku, though the music on Warface is far more mainstream than Turn Up the Gas; Every song bounces in on some spritely Lant double bass work – Uncle Vinnie would be raising a drop with pride to every song – and then Johnny Hunter joins in with some of the rawest, most abrasive guitar tones I’ve heard since, well, since Far Beyond Driven actually, the lot being topped off by Meikle’s consistently impressive vocal contributions.

It does get a bit tributey at times – the picked acoustic intro of Feeling Cold is pure Cemetry Gates for a new generation -  but the underlying songwriting and grasp of what makes a great modern heavy metal song means that Def Con One are definitely a band worth persevering with. Enjoyable stuff.