Goatwhore - Blood for the Master (Metal Blade)

Remember the Top Trumps Card Game? If they did a metal version, Goatwhore would win the 'filthy heaviness' section every time...
Release Date: 
13 Feb 2012 - 11:30pm

Nice, very nice. Goatwhore don’t generally register on my radar that often – although if I’m in a bar somewhere and they come on I’ll always seem to prick up my ears and ask ‘who’s this?’, so when the grand master himself asked me to cast my ears over this, the band’s fifth album, I must admit I was quite keen to have a go.

That enthusiasm was completely warranted, as the band has produced a nicely bubbling cauldron of filth on … Master. The key here is that the band never over egg any of the puddings they start baking, if you see what I mean; Ideas are never laboured beyond what a casual listener like me might be able to take, whilst the default setting – a punky, let’s call it ‘Norwegian’ thunder – is eminently listenable. Songs revelling in titles like When Steel and Bone Meet and Beyond the Spell of Discontent (my own particular favourite, that one) scream past with ear-catching blasts of melody belching out over the fetid, rancid rhythms, which themselves lurch between enticing d-beat blasts and full on double-kick onslaught courtesy of some solid work by drummer Zack Simmons. There’s a pall of crustiness hanging over this album and I’ve gotta say I find that very appealing. The noise doesn’t let up for a minute, but like Neil Diamond once said – it’s a beautiful noise, so who’s worried?

Not this reviewer.