Kill Ritual - The Serpentine Ritual (Scarlet Records)

Kill Ritual's The Serpentine Ritual from Scarlet Records is a solid hard rock album.
Release Date: 
30 Oct 2012 (All day)

Kill Ritual's debut album The Serpentine Ritual on Scarlet Records is an old school heavy metal album that exibits a familiar feel. Kill Ritual has shades of Megadeth, Winger, and Queensryche. The songs on The Serpentine Ritual are all solid compositions and the musicanship is interesting. But at the end of the day, The Serpentine Ritual is a disk you put in and forget about it. It's great background music. If you want inoffensive metal with nicely composed songs then Kill Ritual is for you. The guitars are heavy yet it's nothing you've not heard before. The Serpentine Ritual is full of good songs that sound like other songs that you like, so you like these songs. That being said, I listened to the album several times. I like it. It's comfortable. I enjoyed it.

The stand out work is done by Steve Rice and Roberto Proietti on guitars. Both gentlemen are steady players if not a tad predictable. All the solos are your stock 80s-90s metal solos. Their guitar playing is not out of the box. It's heavy metal by numbers. There are no missteps with their playing, the sound is deliciously metal, and Steve and Roberto both shred. Kill Ritual is rounded out by Wayne De Vecchi on drums, Danyael Williams on bass with vocals by Josh Gibson. Josh's vocals caused me quite the consternation. I know I've heard the style before, but can't quite place it. His vocal range and style fit with the music nicely. Rice, Proietti, De Vecchi, Williams, and Gibson are wonderfully competant musicians.

Tracks like Tear It Down have an infectious groove in the chorus that is bookmarked by some heavy guitar playing. While others like Old School Thrasher are fast and head bang worthy. I'd continue to buy Kill Ritual albums if they were all like this one.