Orange Goblin - A Eulogy For The Damned (Candlelight Records)

Some say Orange Goblin is one of the best live bands on the planet. I say Orange Goblin is one of the best bands alive on the planet.
Release Date: 
14 Feb 2012 (All day)

With unbridled anticipation I pushed play on Orange Goblin's Eulogy For The Damned. I knew it was going to blow me away. So when Red Tide Rising kicked in I was hopping and skipping through the flat. I cranked it up to 11 and let out a loud SQUEEEEEEEEE and proceeded to head bang and windmill around the living room. Ben Ward's vocals are gutteral. Joe Hoare on guitar is a blistering riff love fest. Martyn Millard and Chris Tuner are the rhythm section from hell. Red Tide Rising has a wicked groove that will melt your face. 

Some reviewers will tell you what this song sounds like or what other band they sound like, but honestly, you put in A Eulogy For The Damned and you don't care. There is nothing but Orange Goblin. It blows everything out of the water! The album was recorded at The Animal Farm in South London and mastered by the genius behind Pink Floyd, Andy Jackson. 


Stand For Something is a swinging filthy swaggering kick ass song. It's part southern rock, part 90s heavy metal, part fixture in a dark smoke filled strip joint. Acid Trial is what Richard Hammond would crank in the Bugatti Veyron to race an F16 jet if the Hamster were indeed a metal head. This song is pedal to the metal need for speed freakishly sweet. 


Save Me From Myself is another slow groove. It's southern rock. It's bluesy.  It's wicked cool. Ben's voice drips with raw sexuality and Joe's guitar playing gives you an instant hard on (hang on, you're a girl... - confused Ed). The Fog is just the opposite. It's a sludgy doom fest with blistering guitars and rhythm worthy of a sultry black night down in New Orleans. Two minutes in, you really want to go out and gleefully eviscerate something, truly a "ceremony of sin." 


Death of Aquarius is another track where Ben just "shines". His vocals are amazing. I don't know what kind of alchemy they did in the studio, but Joe and Martyn create this amazing sound. It's hard to describe, it just worms its way into you and cradles your guts. 4:05 to 4:23 is just pure evil. Wickedness personified. You gotta hear it to believe it and once you hear it you will love it. 


***Swoon***** the title track A Eulogy To The Damned is just OMFG amazing. It's another sultry slow burn interlaced with in your face guitar playing and vocals. The entire album is just gobsmackingly amazing. It has that timeless quality that means it will be played for years, if not decades from now and still sound fresh.