Revilers - Revilers (PATAC Records)

Rocking punk with a melodic edge from Boston...
Release Date: 
25 Mar 2012 - 11:30pm

It’s not often the man in charge leans out of his ivory tower and hands your reviewer something to review as overtly ‘punk’ as the Revilers’ self-titled debut; we are Metal as Fuck after all. That said, it's hard to imagine any self respecting metalhead not being able to find something to like in this blustering, chest beating slab of musical delights.

Opener No Bullshit Reactor is a no-holds barred street punk assault, with vocalists JH  or S (I unfortunately have no idea who does what here) adding a snarling mix of Agnostic Front’s Roger Miret and late lamented Dead Boy Stiv Bators to the pot that sets off the thunderous instrumental work brilliantly.

Revision will appeal to the more metal minded amongst you, coming equipped as it does with a nice little Motorhead-styled solo, whilst the fantastic 1860 will doubtless have you donning your boots and harries whilst chanting OI! OI! OI! at next door’s cat, such is its rabble rousing appeal. Frustration’s rock n’roll riffage immediately brings to mind the Stooges and any number of seventies CBGB heroes of the calibre of Johnny Thunders, whilst the amusing Quit My Job echoes sentiments we’ve all had at some time or other, all be it at ear-splitting volume and with a singalong chorus.

Singalong choruses are the key here; however angry Revilers are about the man in any of his multifarious, sneaky guises, they let you know about it via the gift of a refrain that you can sing along to after only one hearing. This knack with a song gives them a curiously timeless quality. When they cover Jerry Lee LewisEnd of the Road they turn it into a barrelhouse anthem that wouldn’t sound out of place on an album by glammy eighties pub rocker Casino Steel, adding a cheery edge to what otherwise might all get a bit shouty after a while.

Not to everyone’s taste then – at least not all readers of MaF – but well worth a listen if you just want a bit of fast and noisy every now and then.