Ritual Killing - New Tribe (Blacksmith Records)

Ritual Killing's New Tribe on Blacksmith Records has the mechanical precision you would expect from any German band. New Tribe is a metal album that will appeal to the circle pit crowd and moshers alike.
Release Date: 
21 Dec 2012 (All day)

The Mayans predicted that December 21, 2012 would be the end. They never said the end of the world, they just stopped doing the maths to continue the calander. If you had to do maths from sun up to sun down in a dark stone room with nothing but a quill and a piece of parchment, wouldn't you just fek off to the local pub and down a few mugs of chocolate with hot peppers? It was the denseness of so called "enlightened" societies that started the sky is falling rumour. Personally, I think the Mayans were onto something a bit more sinister: the new album by Ritual Killing entitled New Tribe set for release by Blacksmith Records on 21122012.

Ritual Killing's New Tribe has the mechanical precision you would expect from any German band. The songs lovingly remind me of Hate Squad (my personal favourite) and Dethklock. Listening to it on crappy iPod speakers, Ritual Killing comes across as cold and unsympathetic. The guitars are stark and the drumming nail grating. Simon Buttner's vocals give a heavy nod to fellow countryman Burkhard Schmitt, one of the seminal metal frontmen on the planet. The entire effect gives the listener a very stripped down, straight forward listening experience.

If you pay attention to the songs, you hear subtle flourishes with the drumming and percussion. Fabian's playing gives songs like Command Me a very Ill Nino feel. Then on tracks like Silent Earth and No Total Control he is machine gun spit fire fast. I wonder how many snare heads he went through to make this album?

Deadly Thinking
has an opening 90 seconds of sludgy slow spoken word type intro type deal yo. This sort of flounders. I understand the composition. It's about eating a person that is not quite dead. I think it may be supposed to inspire terror and a creepy oddity. Then at 2:50 it goes into the very pretty guitar opus then degenerates into a sort of waltz. The last 90 seconds being a cacophony of stock metal then the slow doomy sludgy bit. Yep. It sounded as if they were trying to kill this song, but it's still not quite dead. 

Luckily New Tribe moves on and gives you the title track New Tribe. Here the flavour of Ritual Killing comes out. Flo's guitars sound ace. The various solos are head bang worthy. Again, Fabian's drumming is rythmic and tribal. New Tribe is a totally bitchen track. Learn To Kill is another of my favourites. It's really a stand out track. The interplay between Flo and Tom is priceless. The guitars and bass bob and weave and create an immense sound. Like To Kill has that happy bouncy circle pit feel to it in parts. I like it! It makes me... happy! This is a song that will be played over and over and over and over again! Squeeeee the next track is Silent Earth. Ritual Killing have hit a trifecta of hits with New Tribe, Learn To Kill and Silent Earth. Ritual Killing is music for maniacal metal monsters. By this point in the album I'm up thrashing about the flat.

Sure, Ritual Killing's New Tribe may start slow and a bit shaky, but they more than make up for it later on. The songs are frenetically solid. New Tribe will appeal to the circle pit crowd and please the moshers.