Albatross- The Kissing Flies (Transcending Obscurity)

Some fine traditional metal from India.

Albatross play a brand of traditional metal that, much like the B-movie horror stories they're inspired by, never really loses its appeal no matter how much time passes. The Kissing Flies EP was released last year as a split with American band Vestal Claret and is a fine example of the horror story-telling aesthetics of King Diamond being put to good use.

The guitar work on the release is an impressive display of classic metal chops. The riffs all have a classic metal taste to them and many of them feel like something Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) could well have written, some of them could have made it onto an old Diamond Head or Accept album. The longer tracks on the release, such as Kissing Flies and From Ashes Comes Life are crafted in a way that takes the listener on a real journey. Kissing Flies in particular twists and turns like one of the old Maiden epics or Satan's Fall off Mercyful Fate's Melissa.

The vocals by Biprorshee Das are rather odd and intriguing. They are well suited to weaving the kind of multi-faceted horror stories the band writes. Das utilises wavering high-end notes clearly signify a graduate from the King Diamond school of metal singing, but he's also not afraid to mix things up every now and then by adding some death metal growls and black metal shrieks.

The Kissing Flies is a solid release and a fine statement of intent for Albatross. Savvy metal fans should definitely turn their eyes upon the Indian subcontinent to see what other delightful horrors crawl out from it's depths.

The Kissing Flies EP is out Now.