The Amenta - Flesh Is Heir (EVP Recordings)

Bigger. Louder. Dirtier. Sexier.
Release Date: 
22 Mar 2013 - 12:30am

Fucking Hell. The Amenta are back with a bang, kicking your door down and screaming right in your stupid, morose face as you sit there, completely freaked out. Following Vo1d and the stop-gap EP Choke Hold, Flesh Is Heir truly is a main course to top all other main courses. Opening with sinister yet punishing riffage, the drums are quick to join in and within seconds you know this is going to be one dirty, brutal album. And it just gets heavier and more mental as the track (and the album) goes on. Unfortunately the computer I'm writing this review on refuses to list any of the track names on my ultra-sexy preview copy so I can't tell you anything other than GET THIS ALBUM NOW.

It seems that The Amenta have gone back to a grimier sound than before (one of my only gripes about Vo1d was the overly clean production values) and this brings out all the juicy, bloody rawness of the tracks on here. A lot of the songs have delicate splashes of spooky electro-madness that conjure images of disturbed folk biting their own fingers off yet the electro doesn't overwhelm any of the compositions; it simply enhances the pre-existing greatness of the tunes. The guitars buzz and whine at inhuman speeds and the bass punches through. Drums that pound like a cardiac victim's heart (I'm sure their drummer has an extra pair of legs, such is his speed) come flying out the speakers at you. Screaming vocals with enough venom to take out passing herds of elephants. It's all here and it's dirty, filthy heavenly hell. Even the slowest parts of the songs are hideously heavy and I'll be selling a kidney to catch these fellows when they tour. This is a massive, massive album. Miss it and you'll be missing out on something totally fucking awesome.

All I need now are some proper mental electonica remixes courtesy of Combichrist and I'll be happy in my nappy.