Beyond - Fatal Power of Death (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Teutonic Death Metal for die-hards.

Beyond is a relatively new band from Germany whose members use obscure names as R., R. (yes there are two guys named R in the band), A. and X. and they made it clear that X. is just the session drummer. Okay…

The name Fatal Power of Death sounds a bit redundant since I'd be scared by the Vital Power of Death... 

The sound is as obscure as the members themselves, a kind of crooked death metal, that serves me good, the riffs are very macabre, and the band is mid-tempo all the way.

Heaviness and power guitars complete the framework of the band, the production is raw (to the modern patterns of death metal) and they like to keep things in that way.

I have to say I’m not very impressed since there are a huge amount of bands doing the same sound around the world, so it’s not an album that will change the history of death metal, anyway.

Reservations apart, this is the kind of the sound to put in a car and to have good stroll through a sunny day in the park. It may sound potent in a good car sound system.

But although they are not the most perfect band I’ve heard this year, still it has its qualities, because sell-outs they are not. They seem a very sinceredeath band to be honest.

I’ve heard this kind of metal million times in my life, so if you’re up to some good underground stuff here’s your fix. If you’re a die hard death metal maniac, they are for you. If you can’t help excavating for brutal metal sounds and hermetic music they are for you, but if you’re searching for something new and original go look somewhere else.

Only for maniacs of European death metal cult. 


Fatal Power of Death is out now on Iron Bonehead Productions