Beyond Mortal Dreams – Dreaming Death (Lavadome)

The Aussie Invasion: Part IV
Release Date: 
15 May 2013 - 12:30pm

Formed in 1997 and hailing from Adelaide, this mortal death metal band comes ripping with an EP with only 4 songs and 18 minutes of pure death metal.

They manage to merge the American and European with the sui generis Aussie School of death metal in the vein of Sadistik Execution, Bestial Warlust and Cemetery Urn. By which I mean, whilst they aren’t a “bestial” or “war” death metal band per se, the geographical influences sounds natural.

First song Feast of Carrion is the longest of the EP, and showcases a festival of heavy riffs and spectacular solos, whilst never numbing the senses.

The second number, called The Filth of their God, is more like an Aussie version of Suffocation, though not so putrid. Nonetheless its pure headbanging brilliance for the die-hards.

After a short intro, Dreaming Death gives way to a ominous riffage, a salvo of drums announcing the end complete in a doomish way and although the cadence of the song sounds odd even to these used ears, the song is great piece. It never gets too fast, and that’s why it sounds so strange.

Beast of Damnation is a Beherit cover, and it’s where you know for sure that the Aussies never give up to their trueness. A Brutal attack in the most unbearable way to the posers, there’s no escape from the nuclear devastation. 

 Dreaming Death is the kind of release that won’t let the seekers of brutal death metal down. There’s no peace!