Death By Ki - The Right Of Might (Own Label)

Thrashing heavy metal riffs fighting fit with melodic aggression from four young Brits.
Release Date: 
20 May 2013 (All day)

Fist-pumping, balls to the wall, air guitar worthy heavy melodic riffage is bursting out of Somerset in South-West England.  Primed for a fight and ready to prove themselves against the best, Death By Ki have delivered their debut EP The Right Of Might with lyrics armed against the constraints of modern society.

On first listen I was hesitant. Growls sinking under strong clear clean-singing, set against harmonic guitar solos and layered with solid rocking beats. I thought I liked it but wasn’t quite sure, until I found myself humming one of the riffs a few hours later. I had an earworm and it was Like Oxygen to Fire. The fighting pace of this song sinks into your memory with addictive riffage and flying tremolo solos. These boys aren’t looking for boots to fill, they’re looking for a stage to crash and mosh pits to raise.

Pull out your air-guitar for the opening to the title track of the album, The Right Of Might. Charged with positive energy, Death by Ki deliver forth simple melodic riffs at perfect moshing speed. The first single off the record, Control (In a World of Free Will) punches forth with a chugging riff during the verse then breaks into a motivational chorus begging to be yelled at top volume from the pit. 

Dialling it back for Tao, these Somerset boys deliver a ballad early-Metallica style with the guts of Slayer, but love isn’t on their mind. “There’s those that live their lives from death to birth,” the tempo changes load up on the emotional impact but sacrifice nothing of power. 

Striking back out with Lights Out, Death by Ki wrap up a solid debut EP with a fighting speed riff filled tune to rev you up.  This album packs all the punches with excellent riffs, beautiful solos and vocals to get you up and windmilling in your living room like a madman.