Grift - Fyra Elegier (Nordvis)

Melancholic black metal from Sweden, poetic with the insignificance of the life of man in face of the timelessness of death.
Release Date: 
15 Apr 2013 (All day)

The needle on the record skips over the worn grooves as the double stopped fiddle drones in a slow folk partner dance. A pause, then the unhurried blackened guitars seep forth, thick with distortion over the steady muted roll of the drums. The Swedish duo of Grift have presented an EP of melancholic lullabies painted in tones of black and grey. Fyra Eligier (Four Elegies) balances resonant chords within melancholy dirges against lush drums and austere rasped vocals.

Dödens Dåd (Death Deed) holds a faint overtone of mad shuddering atonality over the melodic black soundscape. The rhythm of the lyrics transpires as funeral rights over the swell and fade of the distorted guitars. Förtappelsens Folk (Perdition People) evokes moments of black n’roll amongst the mournful steps of a contemplative waltz. The chill of death rings throughout this song, warmed by the embrace of Scandinavian melancholy.

Swelling with melodious blackened guitar riffs, Den Fångne (The Prisoner) continues the steady dark dancing rhythm of the album. The muffled double-kick of the drums drones underneath as the bereaved vocals scratch through the disturbingly peaceful anthrophony. Bortgång (Passing) accents the final eulogy with the scrape of a sharpened blade, and spoken poetry, dragging that strangely uplifting melancholy of spirit through the gloomy ambience.

Fyra Eligier is not a record to headbang to, but to let slowly roll over you. Though the themes explored on this album may seem bleak, Grift capture that intangible tenderness of melancholy that so well describes the Nordic winter. Fyra Eligier is a lullaby into the long sleep, and a poignant release of melodic Scandinavian black metal.