Hexvessel – Iron Marsh (Svart Records)

The Finn Ritual Magic is back.
Release Date: 
10 May 2013 - 12:30pm

Over again one the best ensembles of Finland (featuring Captain Kvohst, ex- Dødheimsgard- Norway) is back with their 2nd EP and their 4th release. 

This EP comprises 6 songs (the last one beinge a radio edit of Woman of Salem, so technically it has 5 songs.) 

If you loved No Holier Temple, you’ll love Iron Marsh as well, for the very same elements are there in the music, without compromise creativity.

The very first song called Masks of the Universe is a long testament to the ritual kind of music they perform: it clocks in at 13:22 minutes of pure trippy rock, with long phrases but never, ever does it get boring, always alternating tempos, and with the beautiful omnipresent vocals all over the place, adding variation and more trips to an otherworldly place. The song is simply melodic and beautiful and never gets repetitive.

Bu the best song is Superstitious Currents, and I’m sure I told something similar if not the very same thing about No Holier Temple: this shit is MAGIC. It really is. The songs transmit a calm beyond belief, and it’s perfect for ritualistic purposes or simply to be in the dark of your room feeling the magic sensation. Its calmness transfers one to a mental buffer zone.

Although Tunnel at the End of the Light is intended to carry the very same characteristics of the previous song, it’s more dramatic, nonetheless its a great song. 

Woman of Salem is a rendition of an old Yoko Ono song, and let me tell you: it’s 100% better than the original, which lacks the mystical approach of this version which interchanges male and female vocals with guest vocalist Rosalie Cunningham (an English woman) doing the “Yoko Ono” part. I totally recommend this perfect track and that you forget about the original, unless you’re a researcher. 

Don’t Break the Curse is a strange 7-minute song divided in two parts, with a repetitive acoustic guitar only to transform itself in a proper song by the middle of the song.

The last track as aforementioned is Woman of Salem made for radio with a clearly different remix, smaller and with some clearly changes in the lyrics.

Iron March will not betray the fans of Hexvessel  and it’s not a simple EP. It’s another dedicated work from a dedicated band.