Merciless Terror - Vile Extinction (Devil's Clause Records)

The orgiastic apotheosis of all that is righteous about death metal...
Release Date: 
6 Oct 2013 - 11:30pm

Christ almighty. If ever there was a band that might just be in a position to add something constructive and downright definitive to the ongoing circular debate ‘who or what really is metal as fuck?’, it would appear to be Brit death thrashers Merciless Terror.

Whilst there’s a fair bit of evidence to suggest that Italian lunatics Fleshgod Apocalypse have a good claim to that particular throne, they only use an (admittedly gig and heavy) sledgehammer to crack the nut that is your fragile, precious hearing. The ‘Terror? They deploy an entire tactical nuclear strikeforce to get the job done, with predictably destructive results.

Vile Extinction lasts precisely thirty four minutes and eight seconds; And I can tell you now, having survibed this utter holocaust of filthy noise that, minute-long intro piece Omicide 00.00 apart, not a second is wasted. It’s quite literally a riot of maniacal thrashing from start to finish, propelled by the inhuman drum skills of drummer Michael, who never hits one drum when ten could do the job better, and guitarist (yes, amazingly there is only one) Luke who takes the place apart with his huge array of brutal riffing and surgical soloing – a new axe god is born, surely?

Other two members Dan (bass) and vocalist Dale ain’t particularly slouchy either; Dan’s hellbound howling and bowel bothering belching lift the brutality quotient whenever the bloke opens his foetid word hole, whilst four stringer Dan obviously has the devils own job following the ridiculous drummering to have time for any virtuoso flourishes – he does the job he’s there to do, and all credit to him…

There’s no point singling out tracks here – the wall of sound delivery, though accurately performed and well produced, doesn’t really lend itself to the picking out of highlights. But if it’s old school thrashing death you want with the odd bit of Slayer here and there, and dabs of Malevolent Creation elsewhere,  then I can’t recommend this highly enough in terms of effectiveness and sheer enjoyability. Head crushingly good stuff.