No Consequence - IO (Basick Records)

Yes. No. Don't ask me...
Release Date: 
1 Apr 2013 - 12:30am

The first couple of times I ran through this album I wasn't in a particularly receptive head-space so I left IO alone for a few days then came back to it. Having given it a few more spins, I'm honestly in two minds about it. This is No Consequence's follow up to their 2009 debut In The Shadow Of God, and if you liked that, then you'll probably like IO. It's tech metal and/or/maybe not math-core and the opening track So Close To Nowhere sums up the essence of the band; it's got polyrhythmic chop/change timing with lots of riffs and flourishes and a bit of down-tuned djent thrown in for good measure. It also has soaring choruses and is kind of heavy with ethereal splashes. Think TesseracT or Periphery. These guys have that level of talent and technical ability. My problem is that I just can't decide if I like it or not. AND I'M NOT SURE WHY which is bugging the shit out of me...

Name Your Price is good example of why I'm having trouble; big fat chord, widdly widdly, big fat chord, widdly widdly, echo-drenched vocal, etc etc. Admittedly there is that down-tuned djent element to it but it is slightly formulaic to my ear. But If you can get past this, it shouldn't detract from your listening pleasure because, as I said before, these guys can really play. All That's Left and Enemy of Logic have some fine moments (and because of the constant changes in tempo and pace it feels like you're getting a lot more song for your money), and there's enough technical proficiency here to please the professional musicians listening in. I'd be keen to see No Consequence live, as I reckon this would definitely show off their 'energy' better than a recording ever could.

Ether is like an extended jangly interlude from the previous track and Bury The Debt shows off Kason Tasan's vocal work perfectly. Indeed, Dan Reid and Harry Edwards are fine guitarists, reminding me at points of both Frank Zappa and Jeff Loomis. Another thing that strikes me is the democracy of these tunes; everyone gets a turn in the spotlight, including Tom Parkinson on bass and Colin Bentham on drums.

Sentient is wonderfully laid-back, like floating in space, or the sea. Is it No Consequence's 'big statement' track where we get our lighters out (or mobile phones) and sway? I don't know but it's got some great soloing and the whole track is a sweet soundscape to immerse yourself in. The remaining five tracks are also quite good - and I almost feel bad to use such mid-level adjectives because I think No Consequence have it in them to be really bloody good. My final word on IO is don't listen to me. Go and check these fellows out for yourself as I don't feel I'm doing them justice.