Nocturnal Graves - ...From the Bloodline of Cain (Hells Headbangers)

Feral filth at it's finest...
Release Date: 
11 Nov 2013 - 11:30pm

I don’t know about the Bloodline of Cain so much, but Australian outfit Nocturnal Graves seem very much to me to be of the bloodline of thrash. No, make that THRAAAASSSSSHHHH!!! With a capital T and multiple sets of Umlauts that sadly my computer doesn’t seem to be able to type. Or is it that I can’t work it properly? Whatever.  it’s late, and I’m sitting in pitch darkness, a fitting state of affairs to be listening to the stygian death thrash being perpetrated by NG. The Great Adversary is belching forth from my battered old speakers, sounding like nothing so much as a sonic refugee from the mid eighties when Celtic Frost were in their pomp and Germanic thrash was as brutal as it got.

But whilst there’s a definite nostalgia trip to be had here if you want it – and we know that many of you (alright me as well) do – this isn’t just beer gutted old gits trying to regain their salad days and make a few quid in the process. …Bloodline as an album is above all a vital, foetid, stinking and, most imprtantly, a brilliant exercise in heavy metal music – have a listen to the utter devastation that is Conqueror’s Flame if you need proof, or are having trouble understanding what I'm crapping on about. All will be revealed.

This is music that will ceaselessly pound you into submission with the scything destructive power of its unrelenting axe attack, music that will caress your ears with it’s unremitting drum warfare, music that’ll have you barking and croaking along with every cry of “Saaaattaaaan!” uttered by the filthy word hole of vocalist Nuclear Exterminator. This is music at its lowest level of operation, bestial and invasive in equal parts. And it’s fucking gorgeous.