Oslo Ess - #199 Live Akustisk Fra Rockefeller - (Indie Recordings)

Acoustic Punk Rock for a magnetized audience.
Release Date: 
30 Aug 2013 - 12:30pm

This is a live album with rendered acoustic versions of the Ramones—like punk rock of Oslo Ess, mainly from their previous albums Uleste Bøker og Utgåtte Sko (2011) and Verden På Nakken, Venner I Ryggen (2012).

While those albums contained an energetic form of electric rock, going unplugged totally makes the songs turn into pop hymns that the audience seems to know and sing every single lyric.

They really have a cult following inside Norway and this record seizes this brisk moment right on the spot.

While first song God Morgen (that I know is Good Morning) is a beautiful piece of almost country tuneage (a Viking country tune, lemme say) and sets the pace for the rest of the opus, second song Caroline with its Genesis keyboard a la Firth Of Fifth (I’m sure they got the idea from that song) is happier. 

Hold Deg Våken is perfect for a pic-nic day enjoying life and family… Is Daniel Death being fancy? Don’t tell anybody, I have a family of my own as well… ehhh..

Over Stokk, Over Stein seems a faster version of Bob Dylan. I’m not so keen on Dylan and his work, but hey, once you are in the gestalt of this album you cannot return. One thing to remember is that the original songs were NOT intended to sound this way, they were all rearranged for this release.

Last song Alt Jeg trenger really makes the fans happy and it’s an excellent closer.

Why Oslo Ess is following this way is anyone’s guess. Are they up to become a new The Gathering or Anathema or something that way? Or was this just an experiment and their next album shall return to their bubble gum form of punk rock? That’s what’s confusing and amusing in this album. Until the next move, enjoy their happy songs!