Sink - The Holy Testament 2 (Svart Records)

Ritual dark ambient doom and black metal. It sounds like a treat, but it is for the initiated ONLY!
Release Date: 
8 Feb 2013 - 12:30pm

 The new offering from Sink from Finland (the land of weirdness), The Holy Testament 2, comes with 2 options: Either just the album the Holy Testament 2 with six new tracks or the double album which comes with Holy Testament 1 (originally released in 2011) with the remainder being the new album clocking at 84 minutes of track-to-track variations of drone, doom, sludge, black metal, and ritual dark ambient. This reviewer opted for the double disc, so here they are:

The Holy Testament  1

Intended to be the bonus part, but, instead, starting with it, Holy Testament 1 showcases a pure and kinda original mix of styles that are correlated between them: doom, drone, ambient, noise, etc… But the somewhat thin line is hard to detect on their songs, since it is easy to give ‘em a label, or simply call them the most original band in the world for going to and fro between styles but the very fact is that each part bears  fragments  of the aforementioned styles.

For example: in the track Ritual Transfigured, they sound like a grumpy and repetitive black metal band (in the vein of Venus Star, Rahu, Circle of Ouroborus) , while in the end of the track the drone and mainly, the noise, takes over out of the blue without invitation and on the next track Ritual (they dropped the “transfigured”) it’s a fine example on how a dark ambient band should sound with some ritualistic parts like Inade, Lustmord or Vestigial

That cold and old Finnish black metal, with a miserable sound (I’m eulogising them) is back in the instrumental Justice while in the track Repulsion they morph themselves into a dark ambient and drone sound, with a frequency in the background and a only a guitar in the forefront - and this continually for 9 minutes. Steadily. No compromise!

The drone doom only appears in its wholeness in the sixth and last track (of the original release) called Cold Stars. It’s a enduring task to survive this part of the CD. 

The Holy Testament 2

Like his predecessor, the second half of the opus (the proper release), continues (or starts depending on your point of view) the drone/doom parts but with a strong appeal for those who are keen to black metal over again in the vein of Rahu. But the first section of the song does have keyboards, inferring a crossover of styles. 

The keyboards are back again in Descend Skies only be interrupted by a noisy intro in Into The Current this time showing its sludge face. The track seems to have only one phrase and clean but hypnotic vocals. 

Parallel returns to simple dark ambient while Dominion is the most radical track of the whole opus: 16 minutes of a sound which sounds like a circular saw with guitars, harsh screams and keyboards in a distant mix; this is the apex of noise and misanthropy. Eventually the track changes into a nuance of experimental noises and then, it’s all back again, but this time with a slow-paced drum. Fortunately for some, the circular saw sound is gone. Howsoever it’s a Dantesque nightmare. 

Difficult, hermetic, The Holy Testament 2 is going to enthuse only the darkest souls from the chasm of the void. It’s not indicated to neophytes, just for the cultists of the above-mentioned styles. For those who dare, nonetheless, this is a cathartic experience. The Holy Testament is purification by fire. 


The Holy Testament 2 is out now on Svart Records.