These Hearts - Yours To Take (Victory Records/Rocket)

Old punk has his horizons broadened by young pups... hallelujah!
Release Date: 
8 Jul 2013 - 11:30pm

Christian pop punk! My God (sorry), if ever there was a genre tailor made NOT to fit into the Metal as Fuck remit then there it is in all its cassocked, Vans-wearing glory…

But wait, just hold on a God(sorry—forsaken minute… MaF high priest Scott Adams told me I needed to get out of the crust punk old-school hardcore ghetto and get down with the kids… and gave me this to listen to to get myself started. And d’ya know what? My little corner of Peckham has been reverberating to the tuneful tones of These Hearts pretty much ever since – yep, it’s that good.

Yours To Take is one those records that can literally be called ‘all encompassing’… just one listen to it has you thinking of, in order, Blink 182, A Day to Remember, The Ataris, Blessed by a Broken Heart, Funeral for a Friend and Continents – and that’s just the first song.

Commensurate with that description, if you like any of the bands listed above you’ll find a fair bit to like about Yours to Take; and, if you have the ability to be able to appreciate more than one or two genres and sub-genres at the same time then there’s an absolutely massive payday awaiting you from this record. Sure, there’s a lot of teen/angst and saccharine floating about, and a fair bit of soppy emotional bleating too ( I did go and listen to some Terror after my first listen to this just to make sure I wasn’t going a bit soft) but that’s more than counterbalanced by some truly thrilling breakdowns and big hardcore gang vocals that won’t fail to get you pumped and ready to start doing those strange moves the young folks do at shows these days… First track This is Love is the best exemplar of this, the riffage at the end being probably the heaviest on the whole album, but the likes of The Inconvenience is also more than heavy enough for fans of ‘proper’ hardcore to enjoy, despite it’s massive late nineties chorus.

Whatever, I’m glad I gave this a try and I’ll be listening a lot to Yours to Take in the months to come. Has it turned me on to ‘new’ hardcore? Possibly not, but it has opened my mind up to this kind of music, so much Kudos to God and his emissaries on earth These Hearts for that..