Blodhemn - H7 (Indie Recordings)

Black metal good stuff...
Release Date: 
10 Nov 2014 - 12:30am

Despite the idea of a one man band conjuring images of some bloke with cymbals taped to his knees, Invisus (who is Blodhemn in its entirety) does a pretty good job on H7. Despite only having knocked out an EP and an album prior to it, he's obviously regarded highly enough by the black metal community, as he's just finished supporting Mayhem on a stretch of European touring. Apparently he gets Dan, Hauk and Anneland in to help out with the live shows, which makes sense as I don't think he could pull this stuff off on his own.

My interest was immediately piqued by the tone of the guitars as opener Flammenes Virke kicked off; a rather crunchy sound that is generally eschewed by 'le noir metallers' - but I dug the first track, with its thrashy, almost trad metal feel - but there's more than a passing hint of black metal thrown into the mix too. The delicious roaming bass and off-kilter solos (which didn't appear too high in the final production) were things of beauty and the roaring that went over the top of everything capped it all off well. A fine start but nothing too far out of the ordinary. Slettet Av Tid starts with a cacophony of instruments in the next room before an exceptionally black metal tempo drives icy daggers into your heart. Throw in a slow picked break while the rasping vocals chill your ears and you get a pretty sweet track. You think it's ending but that's a trick - Ho! Ho! Fooled you with my black metal japery - and so the track goes on for a bit longer. There's also a strong melodic undercurrent here which isn't unpleasant.

Big fat charger Evig Heder is next, and despite some clunky tempo changes midway through, this is a beast of a track while Veiten 3 throws up those strong melodies again. Luckily they're strong enough to avoid slipping into flowery territory, and the tune is pointy like a crown of thorns. So far I'm digging H7; I'm not getting anything ground-breaking or wild, but so far, so good. Penultimate tracks Andenes Ansikt has some more haunting slow picked work that builds up to bursting point while Fandesvenn has meaty riffs that are again reminiscent of older forms of metal. It's all rather good. Final tune Holmengraa is suitably grim and sulphuric (or salty, if you're lazy and just quote from the press release...). Overall, a fine effort that, while not pushing the boundaries, should heartily satisfy your blackened soul's eternal cravings.