Bolzer- Soma (Invictus Productions)

Bolzer continue their ascent with new EP Soma.

The rise of digital media has certainly been the bane of quality control when it comes to music. Expanded storage capacity of CD’s and MP3’s after them has meant bands have been able to physically release more music than ever before. For the most part this has not been a good thing. The ruling philosophy of the day seems to be quantity over quality and as such, it is a far too regular occurrence to pick up an album with excess bloat; something with a few too many tracks that drag down the overall quality of an otherwise adequate work of art.

I mention this because the rise of Bolzer seems to be a deliberate reaction to this musical climate.

With no more than 8 songs and 3 releases to their name, Bolzer has managed to achieve the kind of hype in the underground that many larger bands would sell their right hands for. It’s a hype that has come about completely organically; one that can only be achieved by being genuinely good. Bolzer can certainly claim that title. With a handful of songs, they’ve managed to carve out a sound that is both distinct and instantly recognisable as Bolzer. 

The band’s method of releasing their music in dribs and drabs has been an excellent way of keeping people hanging on for more, and Soma follows in this tradition. First song Steppes has been floating about on Soundcloud for a few months now, so die-hards are already well-versed in its mind-bending riffage. In terms of quality, the songs sits comfortably next to the monumental Entranced by the Wolfshook as the best in their small catalogue. The second song on the EP is the aptly titled Labyrinthian Graves, a 12 minute beast that wanders through ethereal soundscapes hand-in-hand with the band’s signature mutation of the extreme metal sound.

The big downside to a two song EP is that if you don’t like one of the songs, you’re pretty much going to get nothing out of Soma. However, as it is, it remains another small piece uncovering the puzzle that is Bolzer.

Soma is out now.