Cries Of The Captive - Imperialist (Imminence Records)

Debut release from the new generation of deathcore
Release Date: 
9 Sep 2014 - 8:30am

To this day I have no idea why deathcore as a word/genre is treated with such contempt by so many metal types. Whilst there are some pretty terrible bands nestling in this particular beam of the metal spectrum, which is the case with all metal sub-divisions, the likes of Whitechapel and Black Dahlia Murder have consistently produced albums that combine exquisite musicianship with crushing brutality.

Cries of the Captive, despite having formed in 2011, are only now getting out of the blocks with the release of their debut EP, Imperialist. And it's heavy. Really, really heavy. The beatdowns in the opening, and ludicrously titled, Muay Thai Body Obliterator border on ridiculous; fans of Emmure will quite literally soil themselves.

Condemned is much of the same; sludgy riffs, simple drum work with the odd blastbeat and guttural vocals from frontman Mitch Blair. Solipsism follows the form but has more of a groove and shows real promise from COTC. Blair's vocals are consistently ferocious throughout Imperialist, and are by far the strongest point of the EP. A bit of wandering around social media sites reveals that the noises he makes, although sounding like they are being delivered by a 7-feet tall Viking, are actually coming from a 19-year old lad from Utah.

The title track closes Imperialist with another flurry of blastbeats and breakdowns, and is definitely the stand out tune. These four songs, each better than the last, are hopefully an indication of a sterling debut album, which we're led to believe will be out in 2015.

Although by no means perfect, Imperialist is a brilliant effort made by fans of deathcore for fans of deathcore. Clearly inspired by the genre masters, Cries of the Captive will have more than a few detractors but they sound like they're enjoying what they do, and long may it continue.