The Deathtrip - Deep Drone Master (Svart Records)

The essence of old school black metal...
Release Date: 
14 Nov 2014 - 12:30am

Ah! The twittering of birds; thus goes the Intro to Deep Drone Master - but there's an underlying malice as a cockeral crows and the cold, hard blasting of Flag Of Betrayal signals the commencement of some exceptionally authentic black metal done Norwegian style. Aldrahn's vocal is exactly what you picture a black metal vocal to be; raw and unrefined, and as he wails "Your treachery shall not pass here" against the fading chords of Host, it's apparent these fellows know their history. Dynamic Underworld is next and it's a slower affair with rising chord progressions. Storm punches out a slow drum pattern and The Deathtrip again show off their perfectly executed stylings. It's at this point I realise that maybe this is executed just a touch too perfectly? It could easily be seen as being almost too typical but that would be over-intellectualising it; just let the blackness wash over you and enjoy.

Sewer Heart goes back to the speeding drums against the razor guitars while Making Me has the jangling rhythms and hypnotic drums. Jon Wesseltoft's bass is there but needs to get some more time in the spotlight. The guitars are drenched in so much distortion that the simplest note becomes a piece of barbed wire. Some organ notes accentuate the bleakness of the tundra; it's like trying to keep your eyes open in a blizzard.

I kind of zoned out a bit with all the deep drone flying about the place and I came back to a massive dirge-like section on Cocoons, which I immediately got right into. Cosmic Verdict implies that the universe is laughing at me - and not in a good way, either. The sound on this one seems hollower than previous tracks but it doesn't impact negatively on the tune. The back-end of the album is just as satisfying as the first half and lulled me into a tripped out state with the melting Something Growing in the Trees, Foot In Each Hell and the truly epic Syndebukken with its dash of didge at the outro. Marvellous stuff - just don't over-think it.