Driving Mrs Satan - Popscotch (Agualoca Records)

Italian trio Driving Mrs Satan's debut release Popscotch, offers a brilliant acoustic take on metal classics.
Release Date: 
28 Apr 2014 (All day)

From AC/DC to Slayer, Helloween to Faith No More, no metal band is safe from being completely redefined by the musical genius of Italian trio, Driving Mrs Satan.

Styled as "metal made easy" Popscotch combines jazz, folk and pop influences to spark new life into old classics, it might get a few grumbles from the Old Guard, but the heavily vocalised covers, accompanied by smooth double bass and acoustic work, create an entirely new angle on metal.

Technically fantastic, the album experiments with a variety of sounds, slowing down anthems such as Killers, and giving them a new, haunting context. The album pulls in every direction, taking metal convention and rewriting it, by introducing trumpets into Anthrax's Caught In a Mosh and a whistling chorus into Black Sabbath's Never Say Die to give only a few examples.

The tracklisting is highly commendable, choosing a collection of songs that are known and loved by many a rock and metal fan, but not the conventional, and the constantly covered songs such as Enter Sandman, Ace of Spades or Number of The Beast.

A cover album has never sounded so original, the talented, seductively smooth voice of Claudia Sorvillo is the antithesis of every vocalist the band pays homage to. The album almost offers itself as a respectful declination to metal, accepting all it's history and talent, but then reworking it into a fantastic frame that almost anyone can enjoy. 

Tremendous representation from all that music has to offer, from vibraphone to flugelhorn, this diverse album has to be remembered for its contribution to music, and not just its refreshing covers. 

Respectful, relaxing and revitalising, Popscotch is a step forward in music, from three extremely talented Italian musicians and their supporting ensemble.