Edgedown - Statues Fall (Massacre Records)

Nearly there...
Release Date: 
25 Apr 2014 (All day)

Bavarian rockers Edgedown formed as a covers band in 2008 and Statues Fall marks their debut as a recording act. Musically the band brings a staid, traditional type of metal to the table which, despite being faultlessly executed and produced, just sounds a little bit too safe and lacking in identity for my liking.

Although marketing themselves as a power metal band, the pace here rarely rises above a trot, with the best tracks actually being those where the band slows right down makes a play for the radio rock market.

Closing track Flames is the pick of the bunch, a slow-building, epically put together ballad that walks in the shadows of fellow Teutonic masters Helloween and the Scorpions, highlighting the powerful, impassioned vocals of Andreas Meixner, whilst the album’s centrepiece, Live Together Die Alone, also swells to an effective crescendo, again thanks to the excellent vocals of Meixner and some nice guitar work from Michael Zebhauser and Mathias Gaßner.

These two aside, however, there isn’t a lot to get excited about as the band plods from one dystopian gallop to the next without doing much to raise the temperature in your headphones. Too often tracks open with exciting opening riffs only to fade away into oblivion, or go nowhere for four and a half minutes before giving up the ghost.

The afore mentioned two tracks and Phoenix, which marries some licks from Metallica’s Four Horsemen to the sort of dirgy metal Iron Maiden have taken to creating, do at least point to the fact that the band possess talent in abundance, so maybe it’s a case of writing this off to experience and waiting for them to come up with a whole albums’ worth of similarly high quality, and a sense of who they really are themselves as musicians. Let’s hope they repay our patience.