Exordium Mors - The Apotheosis of Death (Iron, Blood & Death Corporation)

Anyone seen my (melted) face around the place?
Release Date: 
7 Jul 2014 - 11:30pm

If you're going to punt your band out there as 'extreme metal' then you'd better be prepared to deliver the goods, and as the opening riffs to Axiom opened Exordium Mors album, I found myself thinking 'Meh, this doesn't sound particularly extreme' - but within a few seconds my face was torn clean off by an insane amount of instrumentation and I was swiftly disavowed of any ideas about their 'non-extreme' stance. Fuck. Me. Dead. There's just so much going on here and it's all abso-fucking-lutely speeding goodness. Not to say it's just speed and no technique on here; Exordium Mors positively wield their instruments with a precision and accuracy that is almost frightening.

There is a bloody lot going on though - Ascension Through Vanquished Flesh is full on from start to finish with guitar runs lashing past and whining like circular saws and the like - but as I said, there's skilled musicianship galore among the high drama of the compositions. It's almost dizzying, the sheer amount of notes and riffs and drums and shit just flung at you from all sides. I need some air but there's none to be had. Luckily there are some (slightly) slower sections within these ten tunes because you need the slower breaks to provide a bit of respite from the break-neck guitars and punching drums. The Corpse of Your Divinity Burns is a prime example; you've got these billions of guitars plus about four or five different vocal lines and everything else just going ballistic and you need some kind of relief, if only in order to endure more rapture. It's an incredibly exhilarating experience - and if you drink a few pots of coffee prior to slipping The Apotheosis of Death into the stereo, you'll get even more magnificent vibes out of it.

The Purging Storm of Chaos Unfurls...with lead work to make you dress up in bear-skins (there's a nice bit of a storm sample in there too) or Unto Lightning Swords of Conquest with layers and layers and layers of muscle (it's like a musical equivalent of the 70's Heavy Metal magazine), it really is all too much. Too mental. Too Beautiful. Too fucking extreme...

I love it.