Jizzy Pearl's Love/Hate - Crucified (Own Label)

Strange bag o'spanners... but a good 'un!
Release Date: 
20 Dec 2013 (All day)

One of the Sunset Strip’s premier throats for hire – at various times in the last 25 years he’s vocalised fo’ the likes of LA Guns, Ratt, Adler’s Appetite and Quiet RiotJizzy Pearl had a yen to go back to his ROOTS and record a record with the band in which he first made his name – the much missed and very, um, loved Love/Hate. Except some other members of the original lineup (I know not who, ‘cause you surely know I’d spill da beanz if I did) didn’t like the idea and put a stop to tha jizzer’s plans, the killjoys… so what we have here is an EP under the banner of ‘Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate’, which obvz don’t gotst quite the same ring to it but then again neither does the music that’s featured in this here lil’ EP.

To be honest, Crucified sounds a little bit TOSSED off. First track Hanging You Out to Dry sounds way punky in a Black Flag/Circle Jerks kinda way, whilst Your Making Me Nervous could be Enuff Z’Nuff. And then the beautiful I Don’t Wanna Be Your Baby might be the Black Crowes jammin’ on a long lost outtake from Led Zep III – there’s a real grab bag feel to this stuff, and whilst it sounds pretty cool overall, what we want is some of the old L/H attitood, a bit of funked-up fuzz punk nirvana, and it ain’t here I’m afraid to report.

Still, Jizzy himself is in fine form, sounding COMMANDING on the slower, bluesier stuff, so we should give praise to the hair metal Godz for that I guess… this ain’t really a necessary or happenin’ slab of wax, but It’s better than hearin’ Jizzy singin’ other peoples’ songs I guess – cop a listen and see what you think…