Jupiter Zeus - On Earth (Magnetic Eye Records)

Big. Bigger. Biggest...
Release Date: 
11 Mar 2014 - 12:30am

I almost dropped my sausage sandwich when I heard On Earth by Jupiter Zeus - and then when I found out these fellows are from Western Australia, I almost dropped it again. This is a huge album of space rock/psychedelia with whiffs of grunge, stoner and good old fashioned 70s rock; it's like Monster Magnet, Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Alice in Chains and a whole host of other such bands leapt into bed for an orgy of sound and sexual frivolity. This album could be massive (much like the sound that Jupiter Zeus have opted for) - it's not hugely, skull-crushingly heavy but there's plenty enough juicy riffage and hook goodness to please an alarmingly diverse and fickle audience.

The opener Waves sets the tone for this four piece outfit (who previously pimped their wares under the moniker Nebula); a twangy intro mixed with chunky guitars, and all the while an assured surging vocal exchanges pleasantries with some lovely harmonies that are weaving all about the place. Chords ring out, sustained and proud. It's got an air of pleasant familiarity without descending into blatant, unoriginal copying of that which has gone before it. The organic nature of the tunes reminds me a lot of Tool.

As the album progresses, it seems the bass gets a bit more prominent (always a boon to my ear) and eddying keys make a ghostly appearance here and there, adding a psychedelic flavour to an already heavy broth, such as on the delightful groove that is Cosmic Rays, which I found particularly uplifting. Psychotic Seeds shows off the band's ability to grunge it up with the best of them before slipping into some chugging guitars and howling solos. Overall On Earth is 11 tracks of the good stuff and my only complaint is that perhaps the production is just a little too shiny? Maybe just a smidge more over-drive here and there would make it a damn near perfect album - but what do I know? Not bloody much, I tell you...anyways, this is a fat album that's sure to please, and who knows, maybe these Jupiter Zeus fellows crank the fuck out of it at their live shows? It's definitely something I'm keen to investigate further.