The King is Blind - The Deficiencies of Man (Mordgrimm)

Crushingly heavy newcomers give your ears a good seeing to...
Release Date: 
31 Aug 2014 - 11:30pm

A tasty little nugget of filth, this. The King is Blind have belched forth from England’s East Anglian wastelands to provide a steaming, aggressive bastard of an EP that draws together everything that’s good about extreme metal and then drops it in front of you on the living room carpet, grinning stupidly like a naughty cat waiting for your approval of the riches it’s spread before your wary, naked feet.

Ferocious opener A Thousand Burning Temples sounds like Bolt Thrower and Carcass having a pow wow, the outcome of which can only result in recklessly good sounds flying from your speakers. Of Osiris and Execration is slower, doomier but no less heavy than its predecessor, First galloping then lurching through a series of devastating riffs with little regard for the consequences to innocent bystanders, the ghostly monks chanting at the end serve only to counterpoint the screaming, dirty heaviness of everything else that’s happening in the track, the abrupt stop to which leaves their ethereal intonations hanging in the air with feedback accompaniment. It’s jarring, it’s galling, it’s anything but easy listening, its brilliant.

Thorns That Pierce the Skull mixes the doom, black and death still further, at times echoing the nihilistic power of Iron Monkey, at others the groove laden destructoblast of early Celtic Frost. Whichever setting they’re on, the result is never less than devestating, with the only small sliver of salvation coming from former Cradle of Filth man Paul Ryan’s melodic song finishing solo. 

Last track (yes, this is sadly only a little EP) Revelation, Apocalypse is more of the same, only faster, and reverts to that classic old English mix of doom and death that we’ve done so well over the last twenty years.

Too short, for sure, but if this don’t whet your whistle for something longer from The King is Blind then you probably shouldn’t be reading this review. Fantastic from start to finish.