Kissin' Dynamite - Megalomania (AFM Records)

Coming of age has never sounded so good...
Release Date: 
30 Sep 2014 (All day)

BOOM!! Lordy lordy lordy, what a bunch o’ toonz! Young German outfit Kissin' Dynamite are back and absolutely burnin’ with their latest opus, the mucho-metal , meaty beaty big an’ bouncy Megalomania!

They might have the look of an agein’ glam metal troupe, but the fog horn synths on racy opening anthem DNA let you know that KD are very much a NOW kinda band… and that’s in a good way, please believe! Buildin’a watertight sound around a superb collective ear for a rousing hit, and big, muscly guitars that punch holes in anything they come into contact with, these Kraut Kommandos of Krunch (that’s enough of that – Ed.) will really storm your hearts an’ minds with Megalomania. DNA is a great start, but they don’t limit the good times to just the one song. .. Four albums into their career, these boyz really do know how to make a big noize now,  and the evidence is here for all to hear on ear-shatterin’ tracks like Fireflies (which comes complete with some mad parping from a mystery studio keyboarder!) and the slinky but oh-so-crunchy Maniac Ball which marries a quasi-tango rhythm to a maniacally catchy chorus with GRAND consequences.

Megalomania finds the band in never-more-confident form, a band seemingly ready to take on the world knowing full well what the outcome will be. And there can be only one. That’s right folks, Lukki Strykes is tipping this outfit for WORLD DOMINATION!!

Don’t believe me? We’ll soon fix that, ‘cos I’m confident that one listen to the utterly MASSIVE Deadly will have you eatin’ out of these Rottenburg rabble rousers (I’ve warned you once – Ed.) hot an’ heavy paws. There’s an assuredness to the material on show here that simply ain’t been present on previous KD platters; Sure, that cocksure air has been there since day one, but they’ve added that all important X-factor here, meaning that even a heavier riff monster like God in You, a tune that might have turned into a bit of a mindless exercise in headbangin’ mayhem before, now holds the attention and gets the listener –even a casual one – fully involved an’ participatin; in what’s goin’ on.

I guess the word I’m lookin’ for here is MATURITY – that’s it! But that’s maturity in it’s best sense – ain’t no worryin about mortgages and school fees here mista – but there is a helluva lot of primetime rockin’ to be had, now that Kissin’ Dynamite are all grown up. And that’s a beautiful thing to behold!