The Osiris Club - Blazing World (Indie Recordings)

Dark proggy joy...
Release Date: 
1 Jun 2014 - 11:30pm

The English are masters of prog in all its forms - The Osiris Club are testament to this. Arty, sing-song, dark prog drowned in synth and musical explorations that just go where-ever the tune decides to go. That's what The Blazing World is all about and it's marvellous. That's Not Like You is the epitome of 70's prog and is reminiscent of Caravan or old Pink Floyd. It's the good stuff and sets you up for the remainder of the album with the tripped out feel of Solid Glass coming right up behind it. Lyrics that skim around the topics of dinosaurs, ley-lines and winding rivers, it's all shimmering guitars before building to a bigger, fatter tune. Beautiful drums and an unexpected bass break are highlights on this one.

Mystery Spells may be a reference to the fact that all five members of The Osiris Club wear masks during their performances but regardless of the subject matter, this tune is all primitive drums and spooky theremin-esque synth. Dreamy. The Bell's is next and again, it's impeccably reproduced prog - the swirling synths conjure all manner of 70's/80's madness and there's another sweet break with the percussion ringing out all over the place. The weirdly disjointed yet well-balanced composition and production of The Blazing World is next. Every instrument is in harmony and someone busts out a fiddle solo. Magnificent. Undoing Wrong conjurs disillusionment with an un-nerving chant of "I don't see the point" that was oddly spot on with my own attitude at the time of listening to The Blazing World. Synchronicity. Luckily the sexiness of Seize Decay snaps me out of my malaise and we finish on Miles And Miles Away, where a starry, celestial opening intro is replaced with a roaming bass driven section. I imagine a spy movie soundtrack. Then a noble section rises up in contrast to the previous part. It's an instrumental and it's synth power to the max. Good stuff, I say. Good stuff.