Cathedral - In Memorium 2015 (Rise Above Records)

Ooooh yer...
Release Date: 
9 Jul 2015 - 11:30pm

I must prefix this review with the admission that I love Cathedral so this piece will have the hearty stench of bias wafting through it. Having said that, regardless of my deep and sexy love, this album is still a sweet slab of doomy death doom goodness that is not only bangingly heavy but also shows off Cathedral's beginnings exceptionally well. It's irrelevant whether you categorise the band as death doom, doom, goth or progressive (even 'stoner' gets touted about) this is a massive album and (as far as my understanding goes) you get a DVD with the retail purchase too.

Getting back to In Memoriam 2015; obviously it's a re-release of the much-touted demo from 1990, which was also reissued in 1999, if memory serves me correctly. Just listen to that vast groaning opening chord of Mourning Of A New Day - it's like the universe in travail. Lee Dorrian's pained death growls pierce the magnificent riffs of Gaz Jennings (of Acid Reign; another sweet old band from my younger days) - and Jennings' lead work on Ebony Tears...fucking hell...coupled with the blundering bass intro to March and I'm giggling away to myself like some joyful imp astride the back of Yeshua on the cross...

But it's not all shoe-box demos (not that any of the stuff on here sounds like a basement black metal production) - there are sweet live tracks such as Ebony Tears (Live), Pentagram's All Your Sins (as well a studio version too) and an absoluetly banging live version of Commiserating The Celebration. If you don't know who Cathedral are then you should get this album. If you do know who Cathedral are then you've probably already ordered/bought the fucker...nine stars out of a maximum of five.