Damn Dice - The Great Unknown (Own Label)

Release Date: 
24 Aug 2015 (All day)

London rockers Damn Dice: The first thing you notice about these four likely lads is that they at least look the part! Too many bands working in the sleaze/glam/hair metal world these days have at least one member who looks like an off-duty BRICKIE, so it’s great to see a band rollin’out the good times who look as good as they sound!

Trivial I know, but hey, when did anyone tell Poison and da like off for slappin’ on the ol’ FOUNDATION? 

So, down to the important stuff – the choonz. Well, I’m here to report that when they’re good, they’re absolutely TITANIC – Down is an utterly staggerin’ slice of heavy melodic rock, choc full o’fine, fine axework from lead guitarist Wallis, and the urgent, Gn’R swagger of The Way to Go ain’t far behind, coming fully equipped with a stunning chorus that wouldn’t sound outta place on a Crashdiet elpee; But that’s just two tracks, and with the balladic album clozer Home and the excellent rocker Caught in the Ride (which carries a set of whoah-oh-ohs straight outta the Desmond Child songbook!) they comprise the best that Damn Dice have to offer. The rest of the album ain’t bad, but it just doesn’t reach the high water mark set by this diamond quartet…

So, maybe an EP woulda been more advisable? I dunno, but more mundane tracks such as Rock (Like You Mean It) and Bang Your Head, whilst hella fun and undoubtedly great live, just don’t seem to be breathin’ the same air as the standout cutz… They still ROCK, yúnnerstand – just not nearly as hard.

Still it ain’t really worth moanin’ an’ bitchin, people; Damn Dice are sure movin’ in the right direction here, and if they don’t quite live up to the Skid Row comparisons I’ve been hearin’ about them recently then it sure won’t be long before they do if songs like the power ballad Words (pure eighties lighters-in-the-air MAYHEM! Erm.. sorta…). 

Now where did I put my lace-up leather chaps? I smell another eighties RESURRECTION on the way!!