En Garde - Weekenders (Own Label)

Party on, you dirty rock n rollers...
Release Date: 
19 Jan 2015 - 12:30am

En Garde's debut Weekenders has no pretensions to be anything other than what it is; dirty, shouting rock and/or roll with every line of every vocal yelled with a lung-bleeding ferocity while the music commands you to quaff that beer, hoover up that line and rump the bloke/lady that you've just met at that scummy party.

The ten tracks that make up Weekender are not concerned with making bold observations on the social condition - they just want you to get down to their juicy riffage and pounding drums. It's uncomplicated, non-intellectual rock and I must admit that I heartily enjoyed it - and it only runs for about half an hour or so thus making it a sweet collection of tunes with which to pump yourself up to before heading out into the night for some more madness.

Uncomplicated, good time rock and roll with lots of singalong choruses. Don't think about it. Just soak it in. A gulity pleasure perhaps, but a pleasure nonetheless.