Stormzone - Seven Sins (Metal Nation Records)

An exciting metallic melange...
Release Date: 
3 Aug 2015 (All day)

Northern Irish metallians Stormzone are an enticing proposition; Seven Sins is the band’s fifth album, and finds the band laregely in fine form, doing what they do best, which is purveying solid, straight-up heavy metal accompanied by the odd welcome tinge of more melodic US eighties hard rock on tracks such as the title track and the excellent Another Rainy Night.

That title track is an absolute stormer, featuring rollickingly melodic verses, anthemic choruses and a frankly superb solo from Steve Moore, whilst Another Rainy Night resurrects happy memories of names like Leatherwolf and Icon in their pomp with it’s glossy, bombastic production and radio-ready refrains.

Elsewhere the band tries it’s hands at attractive-sounding Euro power metal (the excellent You’re Not the Same, which actually isn’t so far removed from the work of Australia’s own Lord), NWoBHM riffage (the dramatic Your Time Has Come) and Black Album-themed riffage (The One That Got Away is just a little too close to Sad But True in the verses if truth be told), all the while managing to hold on to their own identity thanks to the assured vocal performance of former Sweet Savage man John ‘Harv’ Harbinson. The man has a strong, clear, classic HM voice, and he puts in a high quality shift on each and every track.

Seven Sins is apparently a concept album built around the exploits of the band’s quasi-mascot Dr Dealer, but to be honest I was enjoying the music too much to bother overmuch with any storyline that might be going on here; Certainly the story isn’t supported by any Mindcrime-style segue pieces or spoken word interludes, so the listener is left with only one option – just enjoy the damn music!

And with excellent, rollicking Maidenesque fayre such as I Know Your Pain on offer, that’s not too tall a task to complete, let me tell you. Stormzone are seasoned veterans, and Seven Sins finds them using all their skills to present a hugely enjoyable slab of melodic heavy metal. Excellent stuff!