Veonity - Gladiator's Tale (Sliptrick Records)

Archetypal power metal.
Release Date: 
25 Jan 2015 (All day)

They are Swedish. They play power metal. 

Really, is there any need for me to write anything else for this review? Veonity are comparatively new to the world of heavy metal – they’ve only been together for a couple of years and this is their first full length release after a solitary EP- but they have every chop, every nuance of their chosen genre down pat an so may as well have been doing this as the established masters of their craft, bands that they so clearly worship.

Hence there’s a strong thread of Sabaton and pre-Kiske Helloween running through most of the material on offer. Add flashes of Yngwie here (the scalding hot solo on the title track is pure Malmsteen), Manowar there (a piano driven ballad called, wait for it… Warrior of Steel!!) and oodles of Freedom Callian cheese-infused melodic overkill just about everywhere else,  and your picture is complete. This really is cookie-cutter heavy metal.

That said, there literally is never a moment on the record where, if this is your thing, you’d consider switching it off in favour of something more demanding. Every song is a winner, and the opening triumvirate, Into Eternity, Phoenix Arise and Unity really are good enough to trade blows with any of the name bands I’ve mentioned above. Veonity are serious contenders for sure.

However they run a real risk of being labelled hacks and/or also rans, purely because of their obvious dedication to the cause. If this band is to realise I’s undoubted potential, I’d like to see their second album see the band spreading it’s wings a bit and moving away from the strict power metal straitjacket they’ve made for themselves. The skills are there – but is the will? Let’s hope so. But for now, I’ll just content myself with the hopelessly catchy Gladiator’s Tale – it’ll do for starters.