Year Of The Goat - The Unspeakable (Napalm Records)

I just don't know...
Release Date: 
30 Jul 2015 - 11:30pm

Swedish cats Year Of The Goat have confused me with their second album The Unspeakable; essentially this appears to my ear as a heavier version of Muse - not that this is a bad thing - and I'm not sure if I love it or if I can take it or leave it. The massive 13 minute opener All He Has Read kicks off with spooky whispers before building (via some thumping tribal-esque drums) up the anticipation levels. There's howling and jingly percussion and almost folky chord progressions (admittedly heavier variants though). Bells are ringing and there's a chunky, satisfying head-nodding goodness to it all. Thomas Sabbathi throws in some dramatic vocals and about six or seven minutes in a sweeping organ signals the tune's change of direction. It gets mellow and proggy. The melodies are quite beautiful. And that's pretty much how the entire album runs albeit with variations to the light and shade of each track.

I like it as a change of pace and contrast to much of the screaming madness that I've been listening to of late - and I really do think that I'm digging it - it's just that, perhaps, The Unspeakable is a touch too 'art-school' for me to want to bung it on again and again. I must reiterate that there's nothing wrong with it. Indeed, the cow-bell on Vermin is utterly splendid. It's just that, at this moment in time, it isn't what my ear needs. In this instance I really must suggest that you check out some of the tracks for yourself as I just can't trust myself to profess an opinion one way or the other.

*And just to mess things up further, after several listens, I have come around to Year Of The Goat's fruity retro stylings and must concede that I really do like it. But only at certain times of the month (when the moon is full etc).