Darkc3ll: Haunted Reality (RTD Records)

If this is bitterness, I'll take another cup...
Release Date: 
31 Oct 2016 (All day)

Darkc3ll were out to capture a certain ambience on Haunted Reality; this ambience is complimented by their capacity to produce pleasing industrial-esc sounds which provide the foundation to the terrain within the album and accentuates the path they like to travel.

Opening track ‘Haunted Reality’ is a quixotic introduction to the distorted dark electro vibes which then pump out through ‘Stitch Your Heart’ a song in which I could see as the go to beat at the next underground EDM rave. Dracman’s vocals heavily grate over the track as it strikes a neat balance of rock and creep-electro. ‘Stab Me (With Your Crucifix)’ has Dracman elevating the malice which in turn is blistering with heavy mechanized samples. It is apparent only three songs in that Darkc3ll have been experimenting with their sound since the release of Devolve Destroy [2015] and the songs echo as a result...

Preacher delivers with a quicker pace and the stand out on the track is the drumming, which then ascends into some creepy, sweeping guitar work. This song is the anthem of the album with a very addictive chorus. Toxic Mutant Hero is a plunge into almost certain darkness with a battering of guitars and drums yet takes it down a tune with Monsters, an eerie transcendence into more refined key work and an onslaught of cymbals.

There is never a loss of character on any Darkc3ll track, with all four morbid minds crystallizing to create a sinister carnival of horror, hooks and groove. And although the tracks on Haunted Reality are a touch more protracted than that of their debut and sophomore albums [Reboot: Repeat, 2012 and Dark Verses 2013] there is a certain succession to their sound and I am intrigued as to where this new bearing and experimentation will lead the Brisbane troupe.

If this is bitterness, I’ll take another cup



Fri 11th Nov Flamingo’s Nightclub, Rockhampton

Sat 12th Nov Rocky Glen Hotel, Gladstone

Sun 13th Nov The Grand Hotel, Bundaberg

Fri 18th Nov Villa Noosa (Mosh for Daniel), Sunshine Coast

Sat 19th Nov The Brightside, Brisbane

Fri 25th Nov Elsewhere, Surfers Paradise

Thurs 1st Dec Woy Woy Leagues Club, Woy Woy

Fri 2nd Dec The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney

Sat 3rd Dec The Vault, Newcastle

Fri 9th Dec The Loft, Warnambool, VIC *

Sat 10th Dec Cherry Bar, Melbourne *

*Shows feat special guest Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine (USA)