Hashshashin - nihsahshsaH (Art As Catharsis Records)

Dreamy Middle Eastern Spiced Prog...
Release Date: 
11 Oct 2016 - 12:30am

Art As Catharsis Records deliver once again with the debut album from Hashshashin (yes, try saying that after consuming vast quantities of resin), treating the listener to some spaced out bouzouki-based progressive instrumentals - discounting the 'in-field' recorded samples weaved into some of the compositions - it's all pretty much vocal-free, as it should be.

Hypnotic, beautifully composed, this album takes me to a place where 'Nothing is forbidden and everything is permitted'; it's like Secret Chiefs (albeit toned down ever-so-slightly) with langorous, drawn out sonic escapades that drift about like smoke on a gentle breeze. On occasion there are sections that creep into really quite heavy territory. You're lying back on the cushions, eye-lids drooping and slinkily, subtily, you're drawn into an increasing heavy and frantic musical arena. You too can disintegrate to Disintegration. This is no swift-footed EP, and you get nine tracks of utterly marvellous sonic pleasure on the album. That talented bastard Lachlan Dale busts out the bouzouki and guitar runs (he has a splendid ear for all things left of field *insert cap doff here*), while Cameron Macdonald holds everything together with his bass and Evan McGregor puts down some incredible drums and percussion. Moksha truly liberated me.

Get this. Get some down ya neck. Pass beyond the realms of mundane existence. Become Hasan as-Sabah.

Or not.