Heaven Shall Burn - Wanderer (Century Media)

You will reach the summit with Wanderer...
Release Date: 
16 Sep 2016 (All day)

“He knows that nothing will change until you change yourself… And therefore every revolutionary is a wanderer.“

Heaven has been burning for almost two decades now – and that’s absolutely desirable. German melodic death metal veterans Heaven Shall Burn orchestrate their 20th anniversary with the birth of their incredibly furious eighth studio release Wanderer. Although the album’s fundamental vibe is something that we would expect of the German 5-men arsenal; the band managed to sound even more savage and refreshingly, more remorseless than ever. Wanderer literally drags you into the complex world of a protagonist who is itinerating the search to find new perspective while dealing with the confusing state of deep down aggression and tremendous fury. Moreover it is the band‘s first album to feature Christian Bass on drums....

The opener The Loss of Fury immediately demonstrates what we can expect for the following tracks, setting the album‘s brutal dynamic tone within a mysterious melodic atmosphere. There is definitely no time for breaks – Bring The War Home fluently continues with ravaging spirit and pure mercyless you will instantly crave. Hands down one of the best tracks on Wanderer.

Starting with beautifully arranged acoustic riffs, Passage of the Crane is the perfect mixture between the band’s brute musical intensity and almost romantic mystical elements. They Shall Not Pass introduces itself with the martial attitude that the song’s title promises –monstrous dynamic changes and addictive chorus lines will indeed stop you in your tracks. When you think you’ve already reached the top of the mountain – along comes Downshifter. Somehow being the darkest track on the album, the song is probably the best composition to declare what the meaning of Wanderer is about.

Prey To God simply hits you right in the face. A fast, destructive piece of art, fusing heavy riffs and the on-point switches between superior screams and feral growls, which is followed by a respectable cover of Sodom’s Agent Orange.

My Heart Is My Compass is a funeral march, yet an incredibly beautiful instrumental track which introduces the second half of the album. Save Me is the most powerful composition on Wanderer – the energy deriving from this song is almost palpable, again showing the band’s immense musical abilites. Taking you back to the more mystical aspects of the album’s theme, Corium will satisfy your sense of hearing with heavy riffs and furious blastbeats. And as we learned before, the follower Extermination Order brings back the ultimate brutality, flaring up like a relapsing infection you desperatly want to suffer on. A River Of Crimson is one of the most favorable tracks on Wanderer, consisting of catchy riffs and incredibly impressive drum work.

The album concludes with the atmospheric The Cry of Mankind, leaving you with the urge to follow the journey of the wanderer all over again.

Heaven Shall Burn have been critizised for sticking to their creative formula of success for far too long. But why change something that works so perfectly well? In fact, the band managed to improve their musical sense of brutality even more, sounding better than ever on their eighth studio album better. The lyrical content is powerfully written and the song titles couldn’t have been chosen more perfectly.

Being an incredible live band, Heaven Shall Burn will definitely perform the shit out these tracks – no doubt about it. Wanderer is a perfect example that musicians can stick to their creative roots and still continue to be innovative at the same time.