Annihilator - For The Demented (Neverland Music Inc.)

Waters has now brought some fresh talent into the band, one being bassist Rich Hinks, who helped in writing and producing For The Demented throughout its development
Release Date: 
3 Nov 2017 (All day)

In the 80s, Annihilator emerged as Canada’s contribution to the thrash scene.1989’s Alice In Hell their debut album made them stand out from the rest with a highly distinguished sound. Guitarist Jeff Waters, who has been the bands only constant has brought them onto their sixteenth studio record For The Demented. With a lot of change to the bands line up - questions arose if the bands inspiration tank was running on empty after 30 years. Set The World On Fire released in 1993 did not help the recovery effort for the band, not hitting any mark with an album that lacked thrills and chills and conjured a safe and mainstream feel at best. 2013’s Feast looked like the well had run dry for good.

With Waters adding some fresh talent into the band, one being bassist Rich Hinks; who assisted in writing and producing For The Demented throughout its development; combined Waters and Hinks recreates Annihilator - nurtures the past and their strengths within it and brings Annihilator into a modern landscape where they're unlikely to be ripped to peices by critics. You can feel the passion within this album, through the vicious guitar riffs and consistent wrath of their original sound which will have fans sighing with relief.

Annihilator tap back to the 80's with hard riffs and lyrics that have had more effort put into them. Throughout you can hear old school thrash, to the likes of Metallica and Megadeth which is nothing to complain about...

Twisted Lobotomy,” the first single rips open the album with savagery and excitement, the band as a whole sync together and it works. Annihilator have had some pretty mediocre albums over the years and I think this is why this was so good to listen to, passion, meaning, brought back from the grips of death and finally on a good track for following albums. New Annihilator has spawned....